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I have only explored the free apps at this time.

Personal Apps
Facebook: I love facebook and now I can check it where I have wifi! This is great to just see what's going on! Once in a great while, I'll post an update using the iPod.

Pandora: I use this app for listening to music that I don't have in my itunes library. It is easy to use and has great music!
Sudoku: I like playing Sudoku and I found it on an app. It was challenging at first. To figure how to insert your numbers, but after you got the hang of it, it is lots of fun!

Solitaire City: I love playing Spider Solitare and this game has it! I use it when I just need some down time and play cards! It is very easy to use...except at times, it is hard to move cards to the first row or last row becasue you hit the edge of the iPod. Otherwise great!

Audiobooks: This just has classics on this free audiobook site. I have started Romeo and Juliet. I have to admit, I do enjoy listening to the story on the iPod. It is relaxing. This app is very easy to use as well.

Student Apps
Matching: This game is a great matching game. It has the concept of Memory. It has a couple of categories...transportation, animals, etc. I tried it with one student who seemed to enjoy it, but hard time to attend if he couldn't make a match.

Shape Builder:This is a "puzzle" on the iPod. Once you finish the puzzle(colored shapes), the shape turns into a real picture and at times with animation and sound. I have tried this with two students and they enjoy this app. They are able to hold the iPod on their own or with my help. It is good hand eye cordination practice.