1. iPod Touch/iPhone App Round Up for Users with Significant Disabilities and Those who Teach Them
This website is a quick look at some apps that are for AAC. It has multiple apps that you can use. It gives you the link for the companies that offer the various apps (some with prices.) This is a great website for the speech language therapists.

2. iPods and educational applications have Minnesota students giddy about learning
Schools in Minnesota has implemented IPods as their handheld computers. Students are using them for flashcards, drill work, and other various tools. It is taking the “boring” out of classroom work. Students with specific learning disabilities can struggle with the “general” teaching methods, are doing great with the apps with the iPod.

3. The Advantages of Using an iPod Touch in the Classroom for Education
This article talks about how IPods were first intended for personal use and now are growing more into the educational field. It discusses the price differences from laptops, notebooks and IPods. Also talks about the ease of use, and the endless apps, which many are free.

4. Math And Special Ed: Devices Impact Midwest ClassroomsMath And Special Ed: Devices Impact Midwest Classrooms
This website just talks about the IPod use for geometry and vocabulary for students with special needs.

5. iPods help special-education students excel
This article talks about how the IPod motivates students with special needs to learn. Jon Smith has really gotten the IPods rolling in his school, stating that these students are able to learn various skills or explore their abilities such as art projects either in the regular ed curriculum or special ed settings.

6. Just Like the Other Kids
This website talks about even students with disabilities can enjoy and benefit from using IPods. Students in this classroom are using them for music (with special apps to aide in navigation), timers that have audio and visual inputs, electronic behavior charts and voice output devices! The IPods are enhancing the students’ learning environment!

7. Using the IPod in Special Education
This website posts a video on how the IPods are used in the special education classroom. Students with reading difficulties were taking tests, using the iPods. The were able to use headphones and had the tests read to them. This is another great example how this can benefit students with disabilities!

8. Learning with personal media players: iPods and handheld computers are emerging as sound investments to help special needs learners

This acticle talks about how iPods give the students with disabilities the flexibility to learn. iPods are the new “hip” assistive technology device. The various podcasts or apps can be downloaded per content area or specific needs of the students.

9. iPods in the Classroom

This website talks about how the iPods benefit all school personnel but most importantly how they can benefit the students. There are endless options for use of the iPods in the classroom. The iPods allow seamless integration into the classrooms. Teachers can make podcasts of their lessons and use them for students who miss a lesson. It can be used to special needs who may need to review lessons, flashcards, speech to text, etc.

10. Using iPods in the Early Childhood Classroom

Mrs. Levine’s pre-kindergarten class uses the iPods not just for music, but a whole lot more! She has taken her music (for learning) and downloaded them onto her iPod. She also has her classroom management on her iPod as well as various activities in the following areas: colors, shapes, numbers and letters. She has also created classroom podcasts for “back to school”, “how to do…” etc. They also started a iPod shuffle reading program. Students can listen to uploaded stories at home. This is another creative way to bridge the gap from home to school.
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